12 Awesome Online Tools and Freebies to Design Your Own Band Tees

When you’re designing your own band tees, having access to top quality design resources and fonts is vital. When they’re free or little cost, EVEN BETTER. Below I’ve detailed my favorite free or low-cost resources I love to design band tees.


Tiny legal note: For all design resources, including fonts, graphics and photos, you will need to make sure you use resources that are marked “for commercial use” or are not marked “free for personal use”. These license types are very specific so if you find yourself still unsure which type to go with, check out this post from 1001Fonts for more info.



All of these sites offer free, and low cost options for a crap-ton of fonts. You can organize and sort by type, style, feeling, etc. that you are trying to go for. When designing band tees and logos I take the most time and care selecting the font - this is the foundation of your design and you want it to send the right message. Who is your band? What is their genre? Who are your fans? Thinking about these things before you select your font and design will help you to create a more cohesive and successful design.






Font Identification:

You found a font you are in love with on a design on Pinterest - but you have NO idea what the font is?? You can try these sites to help you identify it or come super close. They often link to paid versions of fonts but will give you alternatives as well. Another good method is to simply ask google “What is a free font similar to [paid font name]”?





Design programs:

If you’re not interested in investing in Adobe Creative Cloud, there are a few incredible free options to use to design your band tees. Need a crash course in Canva? Check out my blog post!






Are you looking for more graphic interest in your tee design than just a font? Below are two great sites chock full of graphic elements - textures, brushes, templates, fonts, themes - everything you need to design a kickass merch line.






Researching and finding inspiration is always a vital part of my design process and I LOVE Pinterest for this purpose. I setup mood boards based on the project I am working on and hit Pinterest with my one vision in mind. I hunt gig posters, product design, home goods, movie posters, and design in general. I’m looking for imagery that I’m drawn to during this first go around so I don’t worry too much about adding too many pins to my board at this point because the next step will be to go back through and edit. Go back through and look at your board as a whole - do any pins stick out or seem out of place? Which ones are you drawn to over others? Use that as the inspiration for your designs! Looking for more information on getting started and setting up Pinterest mood boards? Check out this post from Glean.


Stock Photos:

Can we ever have enough free resources? Below are my favorite resources for royalty free stock photos. The Stocks is one of my favorites because it allows you to search all the royalty free sites while Pexels user interface and collections makes it my all-around favorite.




Next Steps:

Get started on your mood board and check out my tutorial on using Canva to design your band merch. Post your Pinterest board in the comments and I'll take a look!