Want to learn how to design and print your band's merch?

Good. Because that’s exactly what I help people with around here.

Launched in 2016 as a community for women musicians, indie artists, and kick ass rocker chicks, this blog will help you learn how to design and print your own merch - so you can make more money from your merch sales. We breed a positive, fun mentality, because we believe that the world has enough negativity.

So who created Rock Your Merch?

Hi! I'm Anne! 

I have always believed that empowering women and girls and giving them the tools to achieve their dreams will benefit us all as a culture. Women deserve to be celebrated and empowered and I hope to create a space for that.

I'm an artist and designer who loves to create bright, bold prints.
After earning my BFA in Printmaking and Photography I worked as a graphic artist and screen print designer for almost five years.

The combination of my education and professional experience and my passion for empowering kickass women lead me to create Rock Your Merch.

Let's make some kickass merch together!!!


You can Rock Your Merch - and I can help!

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